Sculptor Mark Patrick began at the age of 13 as part time construction worker with his Dad in a local union. He traveled the United States building Nuclear Power Plants and working other commercial jobs. At a very early age, alcohol was a very big part of his life; by 18 he was an alcoholic and a drug addict. His love of Harley Davidson motorcycles was at its peak.

When Mark was 21, he was working on a job where a Christian man shared the love of Jesus Christ with him. Mark took the man’s advice, felt the calling of God in his heart and was saved. After six short months Mark slid back into his old lifestyle. As the Bible says, he became seven times worse. His alcohol and drug addiction multiplied. There were many visits to jail, drunken driving incidents, motorcycle and car accidents. Even so… he still felt God’s presence.




In 1984 Mark came home from the Alaskan pipeline with a knee injury. During his 2 year rehabilitation, he met a woman who helped change his life. He rededicated his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. He then married Sharon Rose, this special woman the Lord had sent to him. Not wanting to go back to this lifestyle in construction he prayed and asked God for a talent. He prayed to become an Artist. God met the desires of Mark’s heart. He started his first business as a wood carver, called “Tree People”. Then he began Biker Art in which he created his own line of biker lifestyle art. Since then, he has also sculpted over 20 pieces for the motorcycle giant, Harley-Davidson.

At this point in his life, Mark has started what he believes to be the God’s calling on his artwork, Mark Patrick Studio where he creates a line of Christian sculptures which depict biblical truths and Christian values. On exhibit at “New Life Church” in Colorado Springs, is one of Mark’s 10’ angel sculptures, titled “Exalter”. Mark has produced at least 500 solid bronze sculptures and over 20 different pieces for Harley Davidson, including the anniversary pieces.


Mark and his wife live in Colorado Springs.